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28th, January Celebrities

Je Suis Charlie Hebdo But...: Amal Clooney argues for a limit to free speech

Compare and contrast the views of Amal Clooney, wife to actor George Clooney... More »

28th, January Celebrities

Loredana Chivu says her Playboy photos drove father to suicide

The Sun has news of pneumatic Playboy model Loredana Chivu (as seen above): Playboy model’s dad killed himself after daughter's nude shoot... More »

28th, January News

Free speech: Satire is perhaps one of the most important gifts we have

They all are Charlie Hebdo. But none want to be him... More »

28th, January Strange But True

Texas Tech University students fail to save 11-foot snow penis from bulldozer

To Lubbock, Texas, where students at Texas Tech University are trying to protect a giant snow penis - 11 feet tall! - from the bulldozer. More »

28th, January The Consumer

For Sale: Fanny Key might be Prince Andrew's dream Florida hideaway

Home to a splendid residence which offers four bedrooms, two bathrooms and additional guest residence, you’ll soon feel at home on this magnificent coral island. ... More »

28th, January Film

Ghostbusters re-sexed: classive movie reworked as feminist message

Hollwyood has run dry of ideas when you get the third film Ghostsbusters made with an all-female cast. The Hollywood Reporter notes... More »

28th, January News

Phone Hacking: 50 famous faces line up claims against the Daily Mirror and Sunday People

This March the High Court will review the evidence that during the period of 2000 to 2006 the Daily Mirror, Sunday Mirror and Sunday People hacked phones... More »

28th, January Chelsea

Chelsea v Liverpool Balls: Relive the Diego Costa stamp collection in gifs

Did Chelsea striker Diego Costa deliberately stamp on Liverpool's Emre Can and Reds’ defender Martin Skrtel in a fast and furious Capital One Cup semi-final ?... More »

28th, January Strange But True

Nottingham Trent University intruder was stuck upside-down in window for five hours

“I was unsure where the noise was coming from but when I looked up and found him screaming and crying.” So says Dan De-Niet, 20, who were passing the Arkwright building on Nottingham Trent University at 2:30am.... More »

28th, January Strange But True

Woman jailed for spinning children too quickly on playground merry-go-round

“I was just having a good time and I told one little kid, ‘I’m going to go fast, do you want to jump on?’ and he said he’d have a go. He had a bit of a scream then he got off and the other kids jumped on and off we went. There was one family that decided they wanted to ring the police... More »

28th, January News

Daily Mail scare stories: The Pill gives you brain cancer and the NHS approves sex with 10-year-olds

Health Tuesday: Anorak's look at news ways to fall ill and die in the Daily Mail's mid-week illness special... More »

27th, January News

Teenage, Muslim, Geordie racists go 'Jew hunting' in Newcastle

At Newcastle Crown Court the victim of a racist beating tells us: “I feel shaken and unsafe to walk the streets in my own community. I have never experienced fear and terror like it and I have no doubt I was attacked for being Jewish."... More »

27th, January News

Humanity wins: Auschwitz survivor Dora bathes her granddaughter

Never forget... More »

27th, January Strange But True

Man smelled of pony sex: Is Nothing Safe?

When police searched Barfield’s rucksack looking for items he might use to commit theft, they found several cans of Lynx deodorant, a length of white electrical cable, a handheld water sprayer, a cloth, a metal dog chain and two bottles of Lucozade... More »

26th, January In Pictures

The invisible brain: soldiers' haunting masks reveal the trauma inside

Caroline Alexander has taken these pictures of fantastic masks painted by soldiers whose brains were injured in blasts. .. More »

26th, January Madeleine McCann

Madeleine McCann: Mark Warner pulls out of Praia da Luz and Amaral's libel case rumbles on

Madeleine McCann: a look at reporting on the missing child in the news... More »

26th, January News

ISIS football team recruits five footy flops: Cristiano Ronaldo and Luis Figo are not imposters

Are ISIS buliding a football team? Monday's Daily Star leads with the news: "5 footie aces are secret jihadis."... More »

26th, January News

Transfer Balls: Arsenal wannabe Loic Perrin wants Chelsea, Manchester United, Liverpoool, Spurs switch

Transfer Balls: What news on Loic Perrin, the St Etienne player linked in print with a move to Arsenal. He is (at the time of writing) one of the 65 players linked with a moves to Arsenal this January... More »

26th, January Politicians

Romford Conservative MP Andrew Richard Rosindell sent this loaded poll to voters

The poll is more loaded than George Bush at a frat house party: More »

26th, January News

Jon Venables' dating profile: Everton, GSOH and sexual deviancy get the sleuths hunting

Right now hundreds of people are scouring dating websites for Jon Venables, one of Jamie Bulger's two killers. Find the man will nto easy, given that he has new identity and no longer looks like the 10-year-old who sat in the dock... More »

26th, January News

GCHQ hoax caller identified as well-educated man on drugs: George Osborne is away

In "Con Her Majesty's Secret Service", the Sun tells how a hoax caller managed to speak with the cheif of GCHQ and David Cameron. The Sun knows this because the - get this - hoax caller called the Sun and told them about it... More »

25th, January Chelsea

Transfer Balls: Arsenal get Paul Pogba for £35m less than Manchester United, Chelsea and Man City will pay

Transfer Balls: It's the Daily Paul Porba, in association with the Daily Mirror, which declares: "Man United, Chelsea AND Man City to battle for Paul Pogba's £75million signature this summer..." More »

25th, January Money

Davos: G21 tribal elder Bill Clinton's $60,000 platinum Rolex points towards wealth redistribution

How's life treating the great and good in Davos? Last time a mountain people were on the news, it was the Yazidis up Sinjar "mountain of death". Is the G21 Tribe fairing any better?... More »

25th, January News

Rod Liddle on The Sun's Page 3 and the prigs who want it banned

Rod Liddle looks at The Sun's Page 3, and the prigs who want it banned... More »

25th, January News 1

Je Suis Grub Street: Salman Rushie and the But Brigade love Charlie Hebdo but hate the British Tabloids

Salman Rushdie has been taking on the 'but Brigade', whose newfound committment to free speech after the Charlie Hebdo massacre has been steadily vanishing, who see moral equivalence and relativism in the killings... More »