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21st, April News

Lord Janner: getting away with murder

Westminster paedos: a look at the reporting on allegations VIPs abused children and got away with it in the 1960s-1980s. All eyes are on Greville Janner.... More »

21st, April Strange But True

Tamworth boy gets stuck inside Minion machine

When Henry Howes failed to grab the Minion's head with a metal claw, he was disapointed. Henry reached inside the hatch in a bid to grab the Despicable Me toy. He slid all the way inside... More »

21st, April Arsenal

Transfer Balls: Sami Khedira's Arsenal agreement is worthless

Transfer Balls spots the Daily Star's news that Sami Khedira has delived a "blow to Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool and Manchester United"... More »

20th, April Film

Star Wars hilarity: listen to Sheffield student Godfrey Elfwick troll the BBC

This is just brilliant. Listeners to the BBC World Service’s World Have Your Say show were introduced to Godfrey Elfwick, a student from Sheffield talking about the lastest Star Wars franchise, Star Wars Episode VIII: The Force Awakens. Godfrey says the character "Dark Raider” is a a “racial stereotype”. More »

20th, April Strange But True

Watch what happens when you attack a pregnant wolf spider with a broom

Anorak has one way of dealing with spider in the home: I leave the room and never return until a woman (it has to be woman - like ISIS nutjobs, spiders are terrified of women). But Danny Ford of Hallett Cove, South Australia, reaches for the household implements. When he spotted a venomous wolf spider in his home he went for the broom... More »

20th, April News

Mother arrested for sex with teenage daughter's friends and 'naked Twister' at house party

Anorak's Other Parent of the year is Rachel Lynn Lehnardt, the 35-year-old Georgia mother who hosted an unforgettable party for her 16-year-old daughter... More »

20th, April Liverpool

FA Cup Balls: Liverpool's 'lucky' Coutinho Was better than 8 Aston Villa players

Aston Villa beat Liverpool in an entertaining FA Cup semi-final. But what were the important scores, the ones newspapers give to players?... More »

20th, April News

Lord Janner: Iffy evidence, Jews, Ernest Saunders, victims without question and magic

Lord Greville Janner: a look at reporting on the Labour peer accused of child abuse. His family maintain his innocence... More »

20th, April Strange But True

Woman in court after partner slept with prostitute who is also her son's girlfriend

Carol Bulut, 56, is in the dock at Aberdeen Sheriff Court. She admits sending a message that was offensive or of an indecent, obscene or menacing character. She said she would smash her partner's windows. Not nice. But can we sympathise with her?... More »

20th, April Film

Watch Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (Retro Style)

Batman v Superman - Retro style... More »

20th, April News

New York Times duped in story on teens who vape

When the New York Times trawled Twitter for cool kids who vape for an article on e-cigarettes use among teenagers, @drugleaf replied... More »

20th, April Strange But True

German dentist removed all man’s teeth to cure erectile dysfunction

To Germany where a local dentist must pay 20,000 euros in compensation to the man who came to him seeking help for erectile dysfunction and schizophrenia.... More »

20th, April Key Posts

That's (not) Entertainment: how TV killed The Jam

This is an insidious invasion that has targeted our TV screens, and in particular the advertisements, ‘trails’ and promotional montages that seem to take up as much time as the programmes they punctuate... More »

19th, April News

Girl who sat on Jesus' lap in Heaven becomes Christian book star

Three years ago Annabel was playing with friends by her Texas home. She fell 30 feet inside a hollowed-out cottonwood tree. She survived. She said that while in the tree she had sat on Jesus's lap... More »

19th, April Chelsea

Chelsea And Liverpool's Mario Balotelli tops the twitter hate list

The research, carried out by anti-discrimination body Kick It Out, found that Chelsea were the most targeted club, with – surprise surprise – Mario Balotelli suffering more abuse than any other player... More »

19th, April The Consumer

Live slow die whenever: the sloth teabag is here

Do you like slow tea? Do you like your tea to seep in the manner of sloth sweat? foodiggity has created these sloth tea bags. .. More »

19th, April News 2

Hacking the memories of Greville Janner: the CPS shoots the messengers

The hunt for Westminster VIP paedophiles has focused in recent days on Lord Grenville Janner, who says he's innocent of allegations that he abused boys dating back to the 1960s. Janner, a Labour peer, and his accusers won't get their days in court because the good Lord has dementia and Alison Saunders, the director of public prosecutions, says he won't be able to understand what's being put to him... More »

19th, April Celebrities

Watch 'ugly' TV's presenter Britt McHenry's CCTV take down

This week ESPN’s Britt McHenry learnt that only the famous get to appear on screen... More »

19th, April News

Londoners warned over naked bald man 'aggresively masturbating' at a bus stop

One or two words can make or break a news report. So. To the story of the man spotted at a bus top by London's Grove Park station. A woman has seen the man, described as white, late middle-aged and balding... More »

19th, April News

Epping Ongar Railway says schoolgirl porn film was an 'error of judgement'

"It was an error of judgement," says Dean Walton of the Epping Ongar Railway, Essex, a vintage railway on which riders can "experience the romance of travel in bygone times"... More »

18th, April marijuana 1

Shona Banda: Police rip child who argued school drugs policy from medical cannabis oil using mother

Shona Banda has a problem of location. Her Chrohn's disease can be legally treated with cannabis in Colorado, where she'd lived for some time. Shona uses cannabis oil. She says it helps. But in the State of Kansas, her current home, using cannabis makes her a criminal... More »

18th, April News

San Franciso Catholics want Pope Francis to be less Catholic

In an unprecedented move, more than 100 Catholic leaders in San Francisco have called on Pope Francis to remove the city’s archbishop over his “intolerant” views on abortion and gay marriage... More »

18th, April Politicians

Beyond parody: Barack Obama saves the plant by burning up the Everglades

Barack Obama is beyond parody: the US President is making sacrifices for the planet... More »

17th, April Strange But True

Wootton Bassett man accidentally sent girlfriend video of him having sex with their dog

David Buchanan, 34, of Royal Wootton Bassett, England, was watching porn at home. His mind wondered... More »

17th, April Strange But True

Japan's Megumi Igarashi arrested for making a boat in the shape of her vagina

Megumi Igarashi is in trouble for making a large scale “pussy boat” based on 3D scans of her own vulva... More »