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21st, September Arsenal

Manchester City And Cheslea Balls: Watch Diego Costa Not Throttle Pablo Zabaleta

Shots are fired... More »

21st, September News

IndyRef: Glasgow Rangers And Celtic Fans Laugh At The IndyRef 'Riots'

You can get a criminal record for singing a song in Scotland - a song the authorties don't like.... More »

21st, September The Consumer

It Takes 41 CUPS of Coffee To Kill A Man

YOU can kill a 125lbs man by feeeding him 41 cups of coffee or 88 shots of espresso in 24 hours; or 125 pounds and drink down 106.64 cans of a standard Red Bull. Death by Caffeine has the facts.

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21st, September Strange But True

Great Excuses: Nesting Pigeon Evaded Bath Travelodge Cleaners

GREAT excuses: Rosie shares her Bath Travelodge room with a super-sneaky nesting pigeon... More »

21st, September Chelsea

Manchester City Balls: Chelsea Fans Display Banner Praising Frank Lampard's Goalscoring

OF course Frank Lampard, Chelsea's record goalscorer (203), struck for Manchester City to deny Chelsea three points at the Etihad... More »

21st, September Liverpool

Mario Balotelli Bombarded With Racist Abuse After ‘LOL’ Man United Tweet

NOW at Liverpool and once of Manchester City, Mario Balotelli tweeted a 'LOL' in response toManchester United’s spectacular collapse against Leicester City. Of course, Balotelli's big-spending Liverpool were only yesterday beaten by West Ham United. So. Manchester United players are free to 'LOL' right back at him... More »

21st, September News

Living In Dreamland: A Look Around Britian's Oldest Surviving Rollercoster And Theme Park In Margate

THE Dreamland site in Margate, Kent, is billed as "Britain's oldest surviving rollercoaster". By surviving the blurb means not yet fallen down... More »

21st, September The Consumer

Closed Chinese Restaurant Doesn’t 'Give A Shit About Gluten Free' Or 'Believe In Organic'

GLUTEN free diners closed down a Chinese restaurant in San Francisco... More »

21st, September NSFW

Watch A Couple Hav =ing Sex Inside An MRI Machine

Want to see...? More »

21st, September News

Islamic State Soldiers Deserted Because Of Legalised Child Rape

In this interview "Omer" explains how he left his hometown in Iraqi Kurdistan to join the Syrian opposition and eventually became an IS member, what he witnessed and the reasons for which he risked his life to exit the extremist Islamic organisation... More »

21st, September Arsenal

Transfer Balls: Barcelona's Fabian Schar Joins Arsenal From Basel After Rejecting Borussia Dortmund

More utter balls... More »

21st, September Liverpool

Highlights Of My Five-Times-A-Night With Liverpool Striker Mario Balotelli

If you're ever in a restaurant with Mario and he asks for a goodnight kiss, get a good grip of the table corners first... More »

20th, September Liverpool

Liverpool Balls: Mario Balotelli Lets Off Fireworks In The Bedroom

How was it for you? Super. Always, Super... More »

20th, September The Consumer

Photographer Captures The Sublime Beauty Of Cigarette Smoke

CIGARETTE smoke is wonderful. Thomas Herbich has been taking picures of those sublime jets and swirls... More »

20th, September News

Man Robbing Old Weapons Collector Stabbed With Medieval Spear

"This door is open within five seconds, probably within three seconds; this door was open and he was standing no more than two to three feet away from me..." More »

20th, September News

Life Imitates Viz: Clemson University Calls In The Bottom Inspectors

TO the land of the free (that's still America according to the brochure, readers), where students at Clemson University are having their genitals inpsected for signs of wear and tear... More »

20th, September Key Posts

Only Hereditary Journalists And The Well-Connected Can Afford To Send Their Children To State Schools

IS private schooling fair? Janice Turner writes in the Times... More »

19th, September Arsenal

Transfer Balls: Arsenal Buy Rabiot Twice From PSG And Once From Roma

Utter balls... More »

19th, September Sports

Spurs Balls: Partizan Belgrade Fans Call Jews Fools And State A Desire For Homosexual Sex with Horses

AT the Europa League Partizan Belgrade v Spurs match, the home fans added a bit of homemade art to the local colour. The message on the banner declared, somewhat crytically: "Only Jews And Pussies".. More »

19th, September Celebrities

Joan River's Ghost Uses An iPhone 6

Joan Rivers uses an iPhone6... More »

19th, September News

How Did CNN Cast The Scottish Independent Referendum? Like This

%110 can't be wrong... More »

19th, September Sports

Sepp Blatter Misses Irony of His Pro-Ethics Tweet

FOOTBALL fans (and even some football fans) will tell you that Sepp Blatter, arch ruler of FIFA and world football, is not a nice, upstanding bloke... More »

19th, September News

Photos of The Day: Friday 19th September 2014

The day's news in photos... More »

19th, September Arsenal

Savage Balls: Manchester City Should Breaks The Rules, Chelsea Buy Success And Liverpool Didn't Win

Robbie Savage does no research... More »

19th, September News

Male Heart Patient, 60, Sues Hosptial For Sexual Assault By 33-Year-old Female Nurse

TO Chicago, where 33-year-old registered nurse Rachel Shaper has been sacked for allegedly assailing 60-year-old patient John Cantone with “initiated unsolicited sexual relations, including intercourse”... More »